March 19, 2012

Mini Dry Erase Boards

A few months ago, while blog surfing I discovered that I was the lucky recipient of $50.00 worth of supplies from!  Talk about a nice surprise!  I wasn't even aware that I had entered a giveaway.  I later discovered that by linking up to her party at Every Creative Endeavor, I had also entered Amanda's awesome giveaway!  So with my credit, I ordered a few sheets of dry erase vinyl and have finally gotten around to using them.  Isn't the mini dry erase board a fun alternative to the chalkboard?!  It's just as easy to make too!

I purchased the unfinished chalkboard at Joann's for a couple of bucks and then sanded off the rough spots.  I used acrylic paint to give it some color and then cut a piece of vinyl to fit inside.  

And now I can't wait for Jayna to wake up from her nap and try it out!


Linda @ it all started with paint said...

This is such a great project! I love it's simplicity. In fact, it's downright cinchy ... and would be perfect at our "It's a Cinch" multi-blog link party. The link stays open until midnight Friday and when you link at one blog, you're automatically linked up to the party's five co-hosts ...

Hope to see you at the party!



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