August 23, 2011

In Over My Head!?

It really doesn't look that bad, does it??
I have seriously considered leaving it like this.  That's how much I dislike the whole process of refinishing furniture.  It's just so much WORK!!  If the end result wasn't so worth it (at least it better be so worth it) I would never have started.  I began this project back in June after my husband gave me a sander for Mother's Day and haven't seemed to muster up the motivation to continue.  But summer is fading fast and soon enough it will be too cold outside to work on it, so finish it I must.
The main reason I am doing this is so that it will match the rest of the kitchen.  I don't know what we were thinking when we purchased this set.  We found it on Craigslist and bought it used from a little old man about 40 miles away.  We paid too much and it doesn't even match.  I guess I wasn't design conscious back then. 
 There are some things that I really love about it though.  The top is my favorite. I love how the grains match up to create a totally awesome design.
I also love that it has a glass top to preserve its beauty.  Such a great idea.  I can craft on it and not worry about ruining it!  Or Jayna can knock over her cup of milk, no sweat.  So because I love the top so much I am hoping to do a little something like Elizabeth's farm table over at Blue Clear Sky:
I'll stain just the top of the table the same color as my cabinets and then paint the rest black.
One chair down, 3 more to go plus a table!

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SV said...

I know how you feel! My dining area is the same way...I have a huge wall and not sure how or what to put on it. I like how you painted the chairs. I think it turned out great! I especially like that detail in the middle of the chair back. Good luck. Can't wait to see the reveal when you're done :-)

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