October 13, 2011

A Symbol of Hope

A couple of Christmas's ago we gave some money to a young couple to help with medical expenses associated with the treatment of the wife's breast cancer.  It went into remission not long after.  Last night I learned that it is back and the cancer has spread.  I personally don't know this woman, but my heart breaks for her.  She is young-in her 20's.  She is a mom to 2 little ones.  I can't even begin to imagine what she must be going through.  

Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would help spread the word.  I have been following The Project Queen for the past few weeks as she has posted something pink as well as a breast cancer fact every single day.  Did you know that on average, 112 women die from breast cancer every day?! EVERY DAY!  That is an alarming number!  Early detection is key to fighting and beating this malicious disease. If you are a woman, (no matter your age) check your breasts regularly!  And if you are 40 or over, it is recommended that you get a mammogram every 1-2 years.  The most common signs of breast cancer are: a lump in the breast; abnormal thickening of the breast; or a change in the shape or color of the breast.  Check them often, ladies!

In lieu of this special month, I made a little something.  And it's pink: 

In hopes that women everywhere will make breast exams a part of their preventative healthcare.

And that someday a cure will be found!

The Hope Scarf is such a simple design.  The most beginner of beginning sewers can pull it off easily.  I encourage you to make one and spread the word!

-1/2 Yd Pink Jersey Knit Fabric
-Sewing Machine

Step 1:  Cut It
Cut your fabric in half lengthwise.

Step 2:  Sew the 2 Pieces Together
With right sides together, pin 2 of the short ends to each other.  Sew with 5/8" seam allowance.

Step 3:  Adjust the Length
Try it on.  Adjust the length to your liking with a few snips.  I cut about 12 inches off mine.  No need for finishing the raw edges because they won't fray!  

If you don't sew, no sweat!  You can still "make" one.  Simply go the fabric store and get a 1/2 yard of jersey knit fabric and drape it stylishly around your neck.  Same thing, but a little chunkier and just as cute!  

Hugs to all you women out there fighting breast cancer.  My hope and prayers are with you!

The Hope Scarf could be YOURS!  I have whipped up another one and will be participating in One Artsy Momma's "Un-giveaway for the Cure", which is basically a silent auction.  The scarf will be given to the commentor who bids the highest amount.  All proceeds will go directly to The Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Come back Wed, Oct. 19 for your chance at The Hope Scarf!



Janice said...

That is so cute, and such a pretty color. great idea. That's the first breast cancer awareness item that I've seen that I want to wear!

Anonymous said...

So perfect for breast cancer awareness. I have many friends who would love that.

From TT&J link party.

Unknown said...

What a great post and a wonderful project. I am hosting a 'think pink' linky party this week and I would be so happy if you would link this up:


I am also going to be hosting an "un-giveaway", basically like a silent auction for the cure and would love it if you wanted to participate by giving away one of these. Email me at dancers4life@gmail.com if you are interested or want more info.

Natasha in Oz said...

That so wonderful! You are so sweet. I will keep that sweet lady and her family in my prayers.

I have posted a very pink post for my weekly Pinning & Singing Pinterest linky Party this weekend to honour a very dear friend of mine who passed away just last week from breast cancer. This October's pink ribbon campaign is now even more important and poignant than ever before. I hope you will come visit.

Best wishes,
Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

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