January 30, 2012

Fabric Checkerboard : X's and O's Edition

The inspiration for a Valentine version of this age old game came after I ordered some blank bottle caps from Pick Your Plum a few weeks ago.  I purchased them thinking I would make something entirely different, but that didn't pan out.  So I got to thinking and came up with the idea to use them as Checkers pieces.  And my incredible husband suggested using fabric as the board!  

Everything turned out just as I had imagined!  I was going for a tattered look on the board, so the edges are raw and in some spots a little turned up.

To show when a piece has been kinged, another X or O can be placed on top of it (as in the O on the third row from the bottom).

A competitive game - hugs and kisses style, and a bottle of Sparkling Cider sound like the perfect take-a-longs to me, for a romantic afternoon in the park!
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