December 13, 2011

Using Sticker Negatives as Stencils

Merry Christmas in Hawaiian

Sorry for the lull in posts lately.  I've been on Maui for the last week soaking up the sun and relaxing!!  But I'm back now and have been busy unpacking and tidying up.  The babe has been running a fever and has been very sleepy so I even managed to get some crafting in.  I ran a coconut giveaway last week on my other blog:  A Real-Life Housewife and decided to paint a little message on it before sending it off.  Instead of digging out my Cricut to cut stencils, I grabbed some stickers and used the negatives.

This is a great method if you don't have a cutting machine! 

It worked great!  I was debating about drawing a rainbow next to the message but realized my painting skills are not that great and decided to keep things simple.  I hope the winner likes it!

Hop on over to A Real-Life Housewife to learn some useful household tips as well as to get to know me a little better.  You might just be inspired to clean your shower head or shine your glassware!
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