December 20, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange: Pretty Accessories

Yesterday I showed you what I sent my partner for The Handmade Gift Exchange.  So today I will share what Mary Katherine sent me.  First off, this ADORABLE hounds-tooth flower headband.

The perfect accessory for Baby J's winter outfit.  I love it.

Second, this pretty tweed brooch.  I was really impressed with the quality of this flower. I've made and bought lots of flowers and this one seems to be put together really well.  The petals were sewn together and the pin on the back is secured with thread as well as glue.  I know it is going to be super durable and am excited to wear it.

And lastly, a set of orange embossed thank you cards that I had been eyeing since I discovered her shop.  Check them out here.  Be sure to hop on over to MKMathews and take a look at all the pretty accessories she has for sale!

Thanks for the handmade gifts Mary Katherine!!


Safdar Ali said...

adorable. these are the perfect accessories for babies. so cute.

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mehedijuck said...

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