September 15, 2011

Sweater Upcycle

This cardigan has been hanging neglected and unloved in my closet for the past nine months.  I ordered it online from American Eagle and when I got it, it was just a little bit too big.  Instead of going through the hoopla of sending it back I thought it would probably shrink if I washed it in hot water and then it would fit just right.  So I washed it, but to my dismay it didn't shrink.  And into the closet it went.  To stay.  

Until I saw this tutorial from Cheri for an upcycled scarflette!!  But I didn't want to use just part of my cardigan.  If I was going to cut the entire back off, I thought I might as well make something out of the front and sleeves!  So I scoured the web for inspiration and here is what came of it:

A Scarflette    Part of cardigan used:  the back

The fountain of my inspiration, this scarflette is the perfect Fall accessory.  A little added warmth to those breezy autumn afternoons is just what I need!  Check out the tutorial.  Followed it to a T.  Super easy! 

A Button Ring  Part of Cardigan Used:  small piece of a sleeve

I was pleasantly surprised to find a package of 8 or so rings at JoAnn's the other day for just a couple bucks!  After covering a button I glued (using E600) it onto one of the rings and voila!   

A Headband    Part of cardigan used:  a sleeve

When it comes to headbands for me, I like to keep it simple.  Flowers make me feel like a little girl, no offense to those who sport the daisies.  Maybe because I am always putting flowery headbands on my baby.  So, all I did was took a long, inch wide strip of the cardigan, folded it in half and sewed down the length of it.  Then I turned it inside out and slipped an old headband into it, finishing it by pulling it snug and sewing a straight line across both ends and trimming off the excess.

A Keychain Chapstick Sleeve   Part of cardigan used:  end of  a sleeve

No how-to or tutorial for this baby.  Would you be interested in one?  It's another super simple project that you could probably figure out just by looking at.  Of all my new accessories, I think I am most excited about this one.  I am always misplacing my chapstick or digging through my purse trying to find it.  Not anymore!

A Sweater Purse   Parts of cardigan used:  both sides of the front and the buttoned collar

And last but not least, the purse.  Complete with a pocket in the front and conveniently-an adjustable strap.  I didn't follow a tutorial or anything on this one.  My inspiration came as I made the other accessories.  I haven't sewn too many things without a pattern or following a tutorial, so this was particularly satisfying!  Although it is a simple purse, it stimulated my desire to design and create.  

And there you have my reincarnated cardigan, ready to live again.                   


Anonymous said...

cute ideas!!

Mandy said...

Wow, these rock!!! I think the bag and the scarf are my favorites...but how eco friendly and cute....
Fun and creative, bravo!

iammommahearmeroar said...

Wow! Your scarflette looks great and I love the other stuff you made too. Great work. The purse is cool. Thanks for sharing this with me!


Leslie said...

I really like the purse. Good job.

Elisa said...

Your awesome! I love all of them! Okay you really have to show me how to make the chap-stick holder!

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