September 24, 2011


Rita! picked #4.  Congratulations to you!  I will be contacting you with further details!

Q:  What is your favorite TV show of all time and what episode?
A:  Psych!!! Hands down my favorite show of all time :)
Q:  What is something on your bucket list?
A:  Travel over seas
Q:  Have any pets?
A:  Yes, one cat, Pepper.  She's been my cat since the 8th grade!
Q:  Are you a beach, country, or city person?
A:  I love the country but I definitely miss living near the beach.  And in no way would I consider myself a city person.

She has an etsy shop where she sells beautiful bags:

and blogs at:

THANKS to all who entered!  For those who didn't win, use code SHIPPING1 for free shipping now through
Oct. 1.  It was fun "meeting" you and I now have shows I need to watch, new blogs to follow, and more
items on my wish list!  
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