August 8, 2011

Giant Bow Ties as Photo Booth Props

Today I started making props for the party's photo booth.  First on the list were giant bow ties!  I got the inspiration from Grey Luster Girl.
One for Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear.
These are seriously SO easy!!  It's almost a no-sew project and you can put one together in 20 minutes or less. 
- a fabric quarter
- piece of steam-a-seam
- fold over elastic (14" per tie)
- velcro

The How-To:

A fabric quarter was just the right amount of fabric for the biggest bow, so you will have some fabric left over if you make the mama or baby ties.   I'm going to give you the dimensions for the baby bow tie and you can adjust them  by 2 inches for the mama or 4 inches for the papa.

Step 1:  Iron your fabric quarter and cut a rectangle 10 1/2" X 9" and a square 3 1/2" X 3 1/2".
Step 2:  Cut a 3 3/4" X 9" piece of Steam-A-Seam

Step 3:  Take your large rectangle of fabric and iron the edges of the shorter sides over, toward the middle.  Then iron the edge of one of the longer sides toward the middle. 

Step 4:  Place your Steam-A-Seam in the middle of your fabric rectangle. 

Step 5:  Fold over the unfolded edge first and then the folded edge so your rectangle has a finished look.  Place a damp washcloth on the fabric and press your hot iron on top for 15 seconds.  Do this to the entire rectangle.  This will result in the fabric stiffening.

Step 6:  Sew along the short edges of the rectangle.

You are done with the main portion of your tie.  Now we will make the band that goes in the middle of the tie.  Grab the small fabric square you already cut.
Step 7:  Fold over the edges of 2 opposite sides.  Then fold in half, hamburger style, with right sides together.  Sew along the edge.
Step 8:  Turn inside out.  Take the main portion of the bow tie and fold accordion style.  Slip the band onto the middle and you are just about done!

Final Step:  Cut a piece of fold-over elastic to measure 14".  Sew a small piece of Velcro to each end and slip through the back side of your bow tie.


Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

How cute!

I'd love for you to link this to our first ever Blog Hop. "Crafts for Under Twenty-Somethings" is a party specifically for things kid and teen related, so your post would be perfect!


Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to join your linky party :)

Fin said...

I'm glad to see the great detail here!. Photo props

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