July 17, 2011

Chevron Cork Coasters

Introducing my latest creation...


Are these hot or what!?

I needed a coaster, just a single coaster.  That tissue thrown underneath my cup just wasn't cutting it anymore. After I delivered Baby J, I became addicted to ice water.  Nursing makes you so thirsty.  I especially like to keep a glass on my nightstand, but quickly realized I would need something to protect it from getting drenched by my sweating beverage.  So I made a coaster, and it was cool.  I thought to myself, someone else might like one of these too.  So I made some more!  And that is how the lipstick red chevron coasters came about. Save yourself the time and tedious effort of tracing a pattern onto contact paper, cutting it out, adhering it to the coaster and then painting it by PURCHASING some already made!  Or if you're feeling froggy, make your own-I won't be offended (cuz that's probably what I'd do).   
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