April 22, 2011

Bunny Ears & A DIY Card

I am loving bunnies this Easter!  I got the cute hat idea Here.  Yep I used the same fabric as the Warhol Dress!  There might just be enough left to make ME something :) 
I have been playing around with graphic designing this past week.  I wish I could go back to school and study it...maybe someday.  I have a friend who is a graphic designer who I've had create several things for me, but that costs money-and we all know how cheap the hubs is ;) So in an effort to live more frugally I decided to play around and see what I could create.  While doing so I happened upon a fun blog called Good Look CookBook which features design recipes.  This is where I got the "Some bunny Loves You" and the bunny icon idea.  I found a free background at scrapblog.com and put it all together in Power Point.  And voila!  A free personalized card!  Easy Peasy.
Can't get enough of those pretty blue eyes!

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